The Best Albums of 2020...

GR logoThis time of the year is always a busy one, as we need to revise all the releases of the year that has passed and come up with the Best of list. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to review as many albums as the previous years, but 2020 had truly been a freaky year for the whole humanity in a way and among others the music business has suffered a lot as well.
Anyhow, we did manage to present some of the Best releases of 2020, according to our taste and judging by the visitors & readers reactions, it seems that most of you agree with us in most things.
Anyhow a not so good (I won’t say bad) year is over and we are looking forward to a better new year (2021) both musically and personally. Grande Rock is still here after all these years due to our readers and visitors’ love and support. We do not sell ads and we have never stray out of our way of doing things all these years. Grande Rock is firstly here for the love of music and we support music in every way. Then again it’s not easy to make it today without any supporters or ads or any other things under the table, but we shall keep on doing what we truly love as long as we can…

The Best Album of 2020 is “Time for a Miracle” by Perfect Plan, according to Grande Rock.
Check out the Grande Rock list with the 20 Best Albums of 2020 here!
PS1: Economy has collapsed worldwide and most businesses (among them the music one too) are literally on the edge. People need our help and we can offer it in various ways!
PS2: Pandemic or not… humanity has been though darker days and has made it through… so we will rise again no matter what!
PS3: Unfortunately we heard the first bad news of 2021. Guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Alexi Laiho passed away in late December at the age of 41! Alexi is best known for his band Children Of Bodon and for his contribution to the melodic extreme metal in general. Thx for the music Alexi… R.I.P.