Wildstreet live at The Back Bar in Janesville, WI, 2021

Wildstreet are already touring across the States. On April 16th, 2021, they were at Back Bar in Janesville, WI, along with Störmbreaker and Jamie Fontaine and the Level. The bands did rock hard and all the fans had a joyful night full of energy and passion!
Wildstreet Janesville show 2021 poster
Welcome to the Back Bar in lovely Janesville, WI. The Back Bar is a small club attached to a sports complex. The stage is of decent size with a nice peninsula in the front and ample space on stage for backlines and movement.
First up tonight is Jamie Fontaine and the Level from Green Bay, WI. They are a hard rock outfit with heavy influences from grunge and heavy 90’s alternative rock. Their sound can be described as a good mix of Bush and Smashing Pumpkins. As a four piece they filled the stage pretty good and had a good, energetic stage presence. They did a cover version of Smashing Pumpkins song “No. 10”, and I found it to be much more enjoyable than the original version.
Up next we have Stormbreaker from Minneapolis, MN. Wow are these guys incredible. Right out of the gate you would think that maybe you were at an Iron Maiden show. These guys brought all kinds of energy to the stage. All members were charismatic and had great personalities up on stage. They absolutely love the music they are playing, and it shows in how they work the stage. With some great gang vocal work, and incredible musicianship and skills from all members of the group, these guys tore it down and really were able to get the crowd ready for the headline act, Wildstreet.
Now. For the main event. Wildstreet! Hailing from New York these guys left it all out on the stage. Their looks and sound may be somewhat rooted in the sounds that came before them in the 80’s, but these guys rock hard with influences from throughout time. They delivered a full set of just straight up rock and roll music. All members were very charismatic on stage and left it all out there much to the delight of the crowd in attendance. Like a true frontman can, lead singer Eric Jayk was able to command the crowd with ease to participate in call and response sections of their songs. With their songs “Set It Off”, “Raise Hell” and “Three Way Ride”, Wildstreet took the crowd on a raucous, loud, and wild ride. It wasn’t often that the crowd wasn’t singing back some lyrics, or worshiping the ripping guitar solos from the edge of the stage. By the time they ended their set with “Tennessee Cocaine” the crowd was fully immersed in rock and didn’t want the show to end.
It was Loud, Fast, and Wild! Wildstreet was fantastic, and if they go back out on tour again this year, make sure you get to your nearest venue and catch a wild show!
PS: Photos by Gingersmith Photography