Through Fire live in Racine, WI, 2019

To start off, I was always a fan of a few of these artists. So, let that be known. But, as always, being the support for a headliner that fans want to come out for, there’s always that “WOW” factor, and then you then fall in love with yet another band. And this was no different tonight.
Through Fire US Tour 2020 poster
As a fan of old Mushroomhead, I couldn’t pass this up. Now saying that, I might as well eat those words. Waylon and crew crush everything that you would even imagine thinking that this is an ex-Mushroomhead frontman. The music just blew me away.
The led screens blasted imagery of Waylon in an almost ghoul like glowing white shroud that was completely in sync with him signing live. And no, these weren’t tracked. Live is live with A Killer’s Confession. There was also an air of confusion over the crowd when fans looked into his eyes... they were completely blacked out!
As they played songs like “It’s Not Too Late”, “Trust Me” and the chart topping “Numb”, people that didn’t know who they were quickly became fans. I was not only excited to hear, but also one of my favorites off of “The Indifference of Good Men” is “The Shore”. This is an emotional song and at its best, live.
I have to say in all honesty, good move Waylon! This is way better than your past project. Can’t wait to see these guys again!
Dead Posey, the LA-based female fronted band, hit the stage as the second spot in the Saturday night Holiday Havok lineup. With over 4 million streams on Spotify, their hit “Don’t Stop The Devil”, is a familiar tune to rock fans.
The band jammed songs from their 2018 “Freak Show” EP and enticed the audience with their energetic stage show. Danyel’s gritty, yet soulful vocals, backed with a very talented set of musicians, was for sure a great set. As they played on with songs like “Freak Show”, “Holy Grail” and “Don’t Stop the Devil”, it was apparent that the rest of the night just had the bar raised, yet again!
Needless to say, there was a definite tangible sense of energy that was in the air once they were winding down the last song, fans wanted more. Another band to keep on your radar!
I have been to 3 shows of Saul, and I have to say, they are one of the tightest bands that you can experience live! It’s always great to talk to them too; they have always been very humble and fun to be around.
Now, their stage performance was epic! This night has had so much raw talent and energy so far, and it looks like it’s still on course! Blake and his brother Zach, play off each other so well live, that it’s almost empathic. Driving through their set, Blake, Saul’s frontman, declares fans as “Equals”, which is tantamount to their overall attitude. Their drive and overall talent live is something to see at a live show.
As the charts declare, “Brother” is the one everyone was waiting for live tonight. And Saul delivered. Backing their hit track, they blazed through songs like “The Toll”, “Looking to Fight” and “Wage War”. Also on the set “Trial by Fire”, which is off of their new album and accompanying video, was a crowd favorite. Another band to see again.
With BRKN Love’s new album coming out early next year, they are expected to be on fire in 2020, according to some media outlets. And as their story on facebook states, “Amplifiers still blare out of suburban garages everywhere. Guitars, drums, and bass still translate the emotion and energy of a generation better than anything. No matter what prevailing opinion may be, rock music still maintains its foothold just behind the pop culture curtain – as if in the wings waiting to return”. And being the raw, live talent that came onstage tonight, they are sure to please.
Toronto singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo belted out an A-list playlist of “Flies in the Honey”, “Papercuts”, “I Can’t Lie” and, as the fans anxiously waited, “Shot Down”. The band really had some amazing, raw live music tonight. Looking forward to a new album for sure.
The long awaited headliner of the night: Through Fire. There’s so much to say about this band, and never enough time to say it. So let’s talk about this show at the very least.

Through Fire is a hard rock band based out of Omaha, NE. They came out and instantly wanted fans to feel the raw energy. As the glow of the red lighting illuminated the stage when they entered, “Breakout” began to rumble through the air. As they progressed through songs like “Where You Lie”, “Damage” and their new track, that’s blazing the airwaves, “All Animal”, the crowd couldn’t get enough. And there was still more to come. “Listen to Your Heart”, the Roxette cover that is also on the new album, brought in the young and older crowd. A well covered song by the guys, to say the least. Hearing it live was amazing. 

They closed the night with “Stronger” with an amazing crowd participation and not one person was left unsatisfied at the end of the night. The way that Through Fire draws the crowd in during their shows is incredible. Their stage presence is something to experience, no doubt.
For a “Holiday Havok”, between the holidays, all I can say is... Great line-up and Great Show!!! “Thank you” to all of the bands, crew and fans once again. Keep rockin’!