The Black Dahlia Murder live streaming show 2020

The Black Dahlia Murder presented their “Yule ‘Em All: A Holiday Variety Extravaganza” livestream on December 18th, 2020. Read more about the not so typical live streaming show below.
The Black Dahlia Murder live streaming show 2020 poster
On a not so silent night, The Black Dahlia Murder brought on the yuletide onslaught on their holiday livestream! Aptly titled “Yule ‘Em All”, this was not a typical livestream or show for TBDM. It was oozing metal mayhem, along with Christmas antics and cheer. Even the promotional “Neil Hamburger” was on spot to tell the tale of their upcoming event.
Split into four “episodes” with each featuring costume changes and sets which included an amazing church which the band trashed with no remorse. In between each set were comedic bits which included an animated global warming warning, a traditional holiday screaming melee, and a surprise appearance from Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s ham flavored sanitizer. Playing “Sunless Empire” in that gorgeous church was nothing short of amazing. I would have given anything to sit there and listen to that.
And to top it all off: a drunken rendition of “Silent Night” followed by a bunch of behind-the-scenes debauchery.
I have to quote this from Trevor @ TBDM: “We in The Black Dahlia Murder have been hard at work assembling what will surely be the most major holiday event since Tickle Me Elmo dropped. Live music from albums new and old, skits, cartoons, Ham Sanitizer… it’s all here and waiting for your eager bloodshot eyeballs to blissfully consume! Clear your calendars for Dec 18!!! You won’t want to miss it!”
I know this is a post-show, but it still explains just how much fun and amazing this show was. Thanks to all of the BDM family for this cool show!!!