Ra live in Madison, WI, 2021

Well, leaving that Sh!tshow that was called 2020 in the past, it was awesome to see that some venues were up for a great time in 2021. And the Annex at the Red Zone in Madison didn’t hold back.
Ra US Tour 2021 poster
Ra, which their longevity goes as far back as the 90’s, came out of the gates this year with announcing the “Intercorrupted” tour to back their release with the same name. And they brought a great mix of local and national talent to the Annex.
Unfortunately, I completely missed the opening band, Autumn Reverie, with time allowance for interviews that night. Regardless, from the crowd response as I walked around and asked how it started off, at least the night is lit up.
Now, on a personal level, the guys from Revolution-X were always close to us as a local favorite and friends. I didn’t expect anything less from these fools from Janesville. They always electrify the audience and bring in numbers. Their new music is showing that they keep evolving.
Thankfully, Russell from Reddstar has always been a fan and a friend, and likewise on our end. Looking at the “embryonic” phase with the guys of Reddstar, they are already showing that this was a great melting pot of sorts. Coming on stage with so much energy and fresh music, it surprised the crowd, like Christmas morning…. But with kicking A$$!! With unheard songs like “Fukitol”, then jumping into their recently dropped singles like, “Penetrate”, and “STFU”, you wanted more. I can’t wait to hear what’s coming up for these guys in the future.
As the crowd disperses for more to drink and to head to the merch area, Awake At Last sets up. Honestly, I never ran across the band before. So this was going to be new to me.
I had a chance to listen to “Armageddon”, via YouTube on the way in, and I really was excited to hear it live. It was spot on!! I love how the intricacies were still there, and nothing was lost in this smaller venue. Looking at the rest of their set with songs like, “More Than Animals”, “Dead Generation” and “Dead to Me”, I was slowly wanting to check guys out after the show.
Then what the night was waiting for….
Ra!!! Sahaj and the talent that is Ra showed no mercy tonight. I had a great chat with Sahaj prior to the show, which you’ll hear soon. I have to say, in all honesty, it’s been a while since I saw this much raw talent on a stage…
With that being said, as a musician, watching Ben play some of the intricate fills and leads was exciting to see live. These songs in their set not only were beautifully written, but had told a story. Which doesn’t always translate live. Ra delivers.
I loved how they introduced “Intercorrupted”. The crowd was on edge while, “We tried. We tried to let it be. To let you think for yourselves. But you don’t even want to”. I will stop here… I love the intro. Nonetheless, I was leaving the venue with so much energy that it took me the 50 minute plus ride back home to calm down enough to finally get a night’s rest.
Again, thanks to all the talent and the behind the scenes that made the show great. Please be safe. We love you all!!!