Moonspell live at Pax Julia Teatro Municipal in Portugal 2020

In a year like 2020, circumstanced dictated that Moonspell will postpone their Halloween 2.0 gig to the 6th November. The event takes place at Pax Julia Teatro Municipal in Beja, Portugal with both physical people, but also people streaming from their homes. You were able to purchase the ticket to assist to the live event via a link.
Moonspell live in Portugal 2020 poster
Moonspell is a Portuguese Gothic Metal band formed in 1992. Their first EP “Under the Moonspell” was released back in 1994 and was followed up by their debut album “Wolfheart” just a year later.
They then quickly become the most recognizable metal band form Portugal and a key figure in Gothic Metal. With all these years under the belt, they’ve always been a creative and live force that refused to die or to compromise the grinding of time.
Moonspell is definitely a name that Gothic Metal fan won’t stop repeating, especially due to the great headliner shows used to celebrate great moments together. The only constant that Moonspell had in all these years is the powerful and recognisable voice of lead singer Fernando Ribeiro.
Even if the audience is smaller than usual and everyone is seating down, you can still sense the whole vibe of excitement in the room and the energy is palpable even through a screen. They hit the stage with “Vampiria” from “Wolfheart”, an incredible way to start with the natural bravado, melody and a virtuoso sense of Metal that this song has.
In between songs, Riberio talks not only to the crowd in the room, but also refers to everyone that it’s enjoying the show from home; the fans can also interact to the show via a live chat from when Fernando reads comments every now and again during the night.
With a little disappointment, as it’s their latest album, they only song that they played from “1755” is “In Tremor Dei”. This is another banging tune and throughout the whole set there are quite few crowd pleasers. The energy and the force that they bring to these songs will never fail. Each song is played with a great precision and natural strength, with incredible guitar passages that leads the listener into a wall of exotic sounding. They start the night strong and they finish stronger.
During “Invaded”, Riberio leaves the stage for few moments, giving space to a solo from the rest of the band members. Once that song comes to an end, Riberio holds a Portuguese flag that says “Moonspell” on it and its starts waving it all around announcing that the next song will be Moonspell national Anthem, “Alma Mater”. The stage is surrounded by lights of the same colours of the Portuguese flag.
Moonspell are veterans of their craft, delighting fans with a striking encore including “Todos os Santos” (Riberio holds a big cross with lights coming out all over), “Mephisto” and “Full Moon Madness”, a powerful showstopper and fitting ending to a good night; and it’s with sadness that the show comes to an end.
Another great experience even if not in person. Hopefully I will be able to assist to one of their life show one day!
Em Nome do Medo
In Tremor Dei
Can’t be
Alma Mater
Encore 1:
Todos os Santos
Full Moon
Encore 2:
The Future is Dark

PS: Photos by Paulo Mendes & Joana Marçal Grilo