Alter Bridge live in Milwaukee, Wi, 2020

Alter Bridge are one of the few bands that you can see several times, and they will never disappoint. Myles, Mark, Brian and Scott are veterans in every aspect of the business, and it was showcased tonight at the Rave in Milwaukee.
Alter Bridge Milwaukee Wi Show 2020 poster
Supporting the “Walk The Sky” tour, was Michigan natives Deepfall, and Sevendust’s very own, Clint Lowery. And it was amazing right out of the gate, to say the least.
As they crack open the night at the Rave, Deepfall fills the chasm of the venue with the thunderous sound of the rumbling “I’m Sick” intro, fans are quickly electrified. Progressing through the night, the crowd came alive from songs like, “Monster” and “Ghost”.
Then, the cover of “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” is illustrated by frontman Rich Hopkins, calling out to the fans of Journey, in which they responded word for word. Closing out with “Cancer” and “Wasted” really sealed the deal as the opener left the stage.
As the crew started setting up the stage for Clint Lowery, the buzz became evident; this was Clint from Sevendust. And his musical arsenal was being loaded right in front of them. “God Bless the Renegades” starts off with its gritty, guitar crunching riff and following closely behind Clint’s gutsy, yet melodic vocals. Pat Seals looked like he may have had a wee too much of the caffeine! He made us tired just watching him on stage. Pushing that stage presence aside, the band lit their set up with so much bare-knuckled, in your face music, it was apparent that the night was nowhere near over.
And now… Alter Bridge!
Myles Kennedy’s voice screams across the sound system like an eagle, and there’s no mistake, he is one of the best musicians out there. Myles is also a great storyteller between songs; he has the natural ability to draw in the crowd through the spoken word. Myles then talked about how much he loves the venue and the audience and tells how the new tour is going.
Tremonti showcases his amazing craft with his shredding guitar solos, proving once again why he was voted the greatest of all time. His riffs complimented Myles vocals, with an almost dreamlike seamlessness.
The lights soaked the dimly lit room like searchlights to the farthest walls of the Rave as the haunting intro of “One Life” filled the fans’ ears. The band themselves are almost washed out in the light: But then, four black-clad men in a close-knit unit on stage began to show why everyone was here: to experience Alter Bridge. They showcased new songs from the “Walk the Sky” album such as “Wouldn’t You Rather”, “Pay No Mind”, “Forever Falling” and as one of the encores, “Godspeed” from it. And with classic Alter Bridge persona, the foursome traveled back in time through some of their discography and brought songs like, “Isolation”, “Come to Life”, “Broken Wings” and “Watch Over You”, amongst others.
As always, Alter Bridge delivered an incredible rock concert at the Rave in Milwaukee. Hearing the new material live for the first time just reaffirmed that Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall are always worth seeing live whenever they come to the area.

PS: Photos by Tricia Starr Photography