Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - The Lost Broadcasts

Music was moving in weird paths back in the late 60s/early 70s. Blame it on the LSD and in general, the “free” drugs of that era, blame it on the freedom people were enjoying, the mystification & lack of restrictions the artists/musicians had, the creativity/imagination of all the arts and specially of the music… you can actually go anywhere from there… so these are some reasons why this era will always be considered as a bizarre & odd one.

I Bow Candles - The Outs And Breakdowns Of Symmetry

The mysteriously monikered “I Bow Candles” (an obvious wordplay on I Blow Candles) are a UK/Greek trio, (featuring members of Versus Heaven and Wild Machine among others), that performs a very odd and eccentric, one could even say eclectic, mix of rock music, with many bizarre elements tossed into the mix. There are electronic parts, acoustic parts, eerie keys, odd rhythmical parts, off key and off the wall pseudo-choirs, nursery rhymes and rather paradoxically executed over the top vocals that, intentionally, seem to verge on salacity and have often a sarcastic, off-key character. All intertwined, they remind of a very obnoxious but strangely alluring mix between the Mars Volta and the Tiger Lillies.