symphonic death-doom

Montfaucon to release debut album “Renaissance” on February 17th 2017

Like the main gallows and gibbet in Paris, France for which it's named, two-man Uzbekistani doom/death metal project Montfaucon resonates with historic tales of violence and upheaval, exploring the implications and consequences of emotional turmoil, aggression and fear. Drawing from elements of death metal, black metal, progressive doom and symphonic metal, the band's debut full-length, “Renaissance” is a majestic, eclectic and musically diverse portrait of darkness, desperation and barbarism that presents a new perspective on the ever-shifting landscape of extreme metal.

Black Yet Full Of Stars - Black Yet Full of Stars

Black Yet Full Of Stars is a quartet made up, when in 2012 guitar player Carlo Dini, who was in a band with his fellow axe slinger Marco Caiterzi, decided to form a band and got drummer Periklis Roussis to join them. They kept composing and refining their songs trying to solidify their sound, which seemed to contrast between symphonic parts and heavier riffs that on occasion bordered even on thrash. David Scott McBee was chosen to be the voice of the band and in late 2015, the eponymous debut of the band was recorded with him filling the singer’s role.

Spectral Darkwave to release “Last First Contact” on March 30th 2015

London’s Symphonic Death/Doom outfit Spectral Darkwave have announced the release of their debut album “Last First Contact” due out on 30th March 2015. And what can fans expect? Well, “a hi-def tour of human horror in sonic Technicolor” is what.

The band comments: “"Last First Contact" will unleash a journey into the many hells of mankind, with each song forming an exhibit in the grotesque gallery of human endeavour. The album weaves a tapestry of horror wrought on the cries of bereft mothers, nuclear strikes and epic orchestral flourishes”.