5 of the Best Rock Bands of the ‘90s

The 1990s ushered in a new trend in the global music arena. Heavy Metal music, which had dominated the 1980s, faded away and the epic sound that’s associated with rock music entered the scene. This transition provided a pathway for alternative music groups to achieve runaway success. As a result, many alternative rock songs started topping mainstream music charts. In light of this, here are the five top rock bands of the 90s.


Rhyme - The Seed and the Sewage

Something weird is going on here… as part of their renewal, Scarlet & Bakerteam records have made a new opening to different rock music styles & signed with a few bands that are keen on the 90s grunge & alternative rock music. Rhyme are coming from Italy and they were formed in 2008. “The Seed and the Sewage” is the band’s sophomore release.

Solarmonkeys - single out & debut album in the works

Solarmonkeys band formed in November of 2011 in Athens Greece. Outset of their interest was to work exclusively on their own material and to release their music through all available ways.
Their compositions are built upon rock forms and their sound flirts with this of the scene of Seattle (the period of the eruption of grunge) mixed with a few computer keys and electronic elements. In any case their love for bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Faith No More and Tool are easily visible.

Sophie B. Hawkins - The Crossing out on June 19th

Lightyear Entertainment, in association with Trumpet Swan Records, is proud to announce the release of the brilliant new studio album from Sophie B. Hawkins, entitled "The Crossing".
The album will be released through EMI in the U.S. and Canada on June 19, 2012. European distribution will be through in-akustik, who will release the album simultaneously.

Ironchrist - album re-issue out in May

Blending the raw and unfiltered aggression of punk with the technical skills and forward-thinking songwriting of thrash metal, IRONCHRIST should have become a household name. Although they were only around for a few years in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the Maryland band’s musical output is among the most cherished by connoisseurs of the thrash and crossover eras. Outside of Voivod and late period DBC, few groups were playing the post-apocalyptic thrash thing as potently as IRONCHRIST did.

Blackboard Jungle - "The Great Hollywood Hustle" is out

Kenny, Britt and the Blackboard boys have teamed up with Demon Doll Records to bring you a blistering 20 song; 78 minute masterpiece entitled "THE GREAT HOLLYWOOD HUSTLE"! We went as deep into the Hollywood vaults as we could go to bring you some serious Blackboard Jungle rarities.
"We have never before released material, we have out of print material, we have songs from the "America Now" split release, we have B-Sides, we have Singles - you name it… it’s on this new CD"... says the band.