Anti-Mortem - New Southern

Anti-Mortem New Southern cover
New Southern
Nuclear Blast
It took this Oklahoma-based southern metal band 6 years to release their “debut” properly, under a major label. Of course “Omega”, their self-released album in 2010, should be considered to be more of a teenage effort to get their music out there, as the band told me (read more here). The guys have now signed to Nuclear Blast and they got the chance to accurately introduce themselves to the whole music world.
Having a natural & venture US southern metal sound, these guys do know how to combine their influences from acts like Pantera, Metallica, Black Label Society, Hellyeah, Alice In Chains, Damageplan & Kill Devil Hill among others nicely. Heavy rock, hard rock, southern rock, southern metal, heavy metal, modern, groovy, alternative & melodic… that’s how the music of “New Southern” can be defined in a few words.
The production is simply amazing & as heavy as it gets! It is meant to melt your speakers so do play this album as loudly as you can! The album was recorded, mixed and produced, by the renowned Bob Marlette (Black Stone Cherry, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shinedown, Rob Zombie etc.).
Larado Romo, the band’s singer, has one of those ‘southern’ raspy powerful & full of rage voices that it will hit you right from the start. Also it would be an error, not to refer to the other guys of the band, who are giving some great performances along the way. This band’s music chemistry is superb, either way you see it. Ohh and the most important fact of all is that they do know how to write some damn good songs!
Anti-Mortem may be a newcomer but they are destined for big things. The band has the attitude, the insolence, the guts & the talent to go further. They are under a major label, which means that they will get the exposure and the support they need to achieve such as thing. Fate lies in their own hands! Closing, all I can say is that the “New Southern” is a bloody imposing debut album…