Twister to release debut album “Cursed & Corrected” on November 13th 2020

Twister Cursed & Corrected cover
Upcoming New Wave of Classic Rock band Twister are climbing the ranks at incredible pace and set to take off with their debut album “Cursed & Corrected” to be released on the Friday 13 November, 2020, via Off Yer Rocka Recordings.

To kick off promotion in style the album will be available to pre-order alongside the release of the first single “Call to Arms” on Friday 28 August followed by another three singles. Along with every pre-order, fans will receive the instant grat track “Natural Survivor”.

Watch the official music video for the new single “Call to Arms” below.

“Cursed & Corrected” will be available on CD, vinyl, stream and digital download here.

1. We Are The Cursed & Corrected
2. Save Us Yourself
3. Young & Affected
4. Natural Survivor
5. Trees
6. Wild & Lonely (Fingers Crossed)
7. Trading Hearts
8. Call to Arms
9. Mystery
10. Feeding Frenzy
11. Monroe
12. Fist Fight by the Waterside
13. 64 White Lies

Twister’s long awaited debut album “Cursed & Corrected” was recorded, produced and mixed by the brilliant Tony Draper at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright (The Killers, Frank Turner, Biffy Clyro) - England’s greatest mastering engineer for contemporary rock music.

“This is the 5+ years of our lives in a record”, says frontman Stevie Stoker. “Everything that has happened to us personally and professionally as a band over the last five years has created these songs. Every single track is a little piece of us poured out in lyrics, guitars, bass, and drums. From heartbreak and frustration to joy and elation this album epitomises what we are as a band and sets the precedent of what we want to achieve”.

Twister have always been a band of two sides; one with powerful rock driven riffage opposed and accompanied by their undeniably catchy melodies. Rock and Pop in a ‘Yin & Yan’ type relationship, a fine balancing act constantly moving around equilibrium, tipping the scales with each song. “Cursed & Corrected” is the 13 best tracks Twister have written since their inception. It’s all killer no filler.

Track by Track:

We Are The Cursed & Corrected:
Opening up the album is this tense, tribal, timpani pounding introduction. With eerie glitches, Church like organ and stadium guitar tones an epic image is created in the listener’s head, hinting at the drama and scale of the songs within the album.

Save Us Yourself:
Like a horse out of the gate this song KICKS OFF! Soaring lead guitar and a powerhouse drum fill release all the tension built by the intro and takes you deep into the sound of Twister. Exploiting powerful vocals of Stevie Stoker as well as the craft of song writing in the band. Lyrics and melody are equally as moody, creating a classy, but debaucherous theme. A brutal riff sandwiched between climactic choruses leaves you hooked and wanting more.

Young & Affected:
Pure energy explodes from blasting drums into a gripping guitar hook. This song is all about the collective. The gang vocals screaming ‘WE ARE’ throughout, is indicative of the feeling and goal of the track. To bring the audience and band together in this anthemic chant, the chorus is unapologetically catchy.

Natural Survivor:
As the track title suggests, survival is the name of the game. From upbringings in music barren areas, struggles of being an up and coming Rock band are real. This tune takes in the obstacles and challenges from Twister’s journey here and systematically destroys them one by one. Haunting strings, stabbing riffs and the first guitar solo of the album, show off some of the technical abilities the band possess.

A more upbeat, positive feeling song delivers the euphoric hook desired, utilising Twister’s energy for a feelgood track. The foot stomping verses are led into an uplifting chorus by Jake’s unforgettable backing vocals. As the song takes a dreamy turn, you fall into the rabbit hole following the vibe. Building back up to an exhilarating, heart stopping double chorus, which is only accented by plentiful vocal harmonies, lead guitar and punchy rhythm section.

Wild & Lonely (Fingers Crossed):
The most diverse track on the album boasts both sides of Twister; hook loving melodies and riffs, as well as a passion for songs that keep you guessing. Mixing electronic drums, synthesisers and guitar solos is a dangerous task but is very rewarding as this tune shows. Fingers Crossed is emblematic of the sense of hope and promise of this album. Coming straight from the heart, the obvious emotion within the song is unfiltered and present in every element.

Trading Hearts:
Punching through your speakers is an intro drum fill grabbing your attention letting you know that this track is classically Twister. With catchy lead guitar lines and a vocal that just won’t leave your head, the picture painted by this tune is dramatic as it is energetic.

Call to Arms:
The first single from this album, is a statement piece of our feelings in current times. Modern times require you to pick a cause and take action. As the chorus suggests ‘Seize the day and overcome’. Powerful lyrics are tag teamed with powerful melodies throughout before reaching a breath-taking breakdown, shouting the question, “What are you waiting for?!”

The ballad; as with every big rock record ever, the ballad takes the mood down and shows off the raw emotion put into every second of this album. Acoustic guitar, piano, strings give this song a unique sound amongst the other tracks and really accentuates the intensity of the heart felt vocals.

Feeding Frenzy:
Feel good anthem! We defy anyone to not have the ‘Oh-Oh’s going round and round in their head after listening to this tune just once! Anthemic sing along choruses and bass riffs to make you dance lead into another spirited guitar solo!

A track to make you stomp your feet! As soon as you hear the pounding kick drum beating away you just can’t help but move. A sensitive song with a real groove ascending into another sing along chorus.

Fist Fight by the Waterside:
One of the rawer sounding tracks on the album takes you on a journey of smashing guitars before haunting vocals and dark lyrics take centre stage. A punky edge gives this song power and a punchy vibe topped off with a sledgehammer of a solo from Jake.

64 White Lies:
Jaw clenching angst and is apparent from the get-go with a heavy riff and rhythm. A more subdued verse section lowers you into a false sense of security before taking your head off with venomous vocals through the chorus. An evocative middle 8 brings in soul-stirring harmonies before finishing you off with one last chorus. Blood curdling screams and heart stopping drum fills give you no time to rest through the last notes of the album, left with no doubt that you have just heard something special.

“Call to Arms” will be available to stream from the 28 August. To celebrate the release of “Cursed & Corrected” Twister head out on a 11 date European tour with The Quireboys, as well as playing festivals such as Hard Rock Hell, Monsterfest, HRH Ibiza and many more! Tour dates available here.

In August 2019, Twister won Hard Rock Hell’s “Highway To Hell” Battle of the Bands Competition. Live shows have always been at the centre of Twister’s craft, renowned for captivating, high energy performances, you get a real sense of passion and enthusiasm from the album. Focusing on Rock anthems that just won’t leave your head, the lads have created a record which is overflowing with catchy melodies with real substance in support. Twister have a sound like no other, a truly unique sound with a blend of genres from modern synth-based pop and dance, and more guitar-based Rock and Metal.

Stevie Stoker – Guitar & Vocals
Jake Grimes – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ryan Lee – Bass & Backing Vocals
Jack Corbett – Drums & Backing Vocals