Sulphur Sun to release new EP “Placodermic Heraldry” on October 30th 2020

Sulphur Sun Placodermic Heraldry EP cover
Bern, Switzerland-based dissonant/progressive death metal unit Sulphur Sun is proud to announce their upcoming EP, “Placodermic Heraldry”. Set for release on Friday, October 30th 2020. It is the follow up to the group’s 2017 standalone single “Vitreous” and 2013 debut EP, “Bioluminescence”. 

Arguably ahead of the pack when it came to their uniquely aggressive, dark, and atmospheric-tinged sound within the progressive death metal scene on 2013’s “Bioluminescence” EP, the band’s return on “Placodermic Heraldry” marks a new artistic high point for the group that will carry forward into their developing full-length set for release in the next year or two.

After 2017’s “Vitreous” single, the group’s guitarist went off to university causing this material to be in a state of flux. Luckily, ex-Nile guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade was tapped to record all the guitars and breathe deadly life into the killer compositions on “Placodermic Heraldry”. The stunning cover art for “Placodermic Heraldry” was created by Nils Mosimann, and the release was recorded in Bern, Switzerland with the assistance of David Schiess (ex-Anachronism) and Remo Häberli (Posthuman Bigbang) except for Dallas Toler-Wade’s guitar tracking which was done in the United States. Legendary music engineer Neil Kernon (Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Akercocke, Nevermore, etc.) was once again tapped to give the music the best possible production.

Diving deep thematically into the times before humankind, “Placodermic Heraldry” posits a question of how much the existence of a species matters as oblivion seems inevitable. Even for apex predators. The release is highly recommended for bands the group cites as influences including Annihilation of the Wicked-era Nile, Origin, Enslaved, Bolt Thrower, Pyrrhon, Artificial Brain, Intronaut, Woven Hand, and Eternal Champion.

An early teaser video for “Placodermic Heraldry” is now live below.

Sulphur Sun statement regarding “Placodermic Heraldry”:
“"Placodermic Heraldry" heralds the return of Sulphur Sun and is the direct successor to "Vitreous". Two songs of bone-crushing progressive and weird death metal. "The Temple of Dunkleosteus" provides a short and unrelenting onslaught of placodermic annihilation, while "Trilobite Thief" meanders in chaotic and mesmerizing melodies towards utter oblivion. Thematically it provides escapism into a fairytale of armored fish and pelagic chaos”.

1. The Temple of Dunkleosteus
2. Trilobite Thief

Marc Wachtfels Sulaiman - Vocals, Throatsinging, Ambient sounds
Dallas-Toller Wade - Guitar (Narcotic Wasteland, ex-Nile)
Gregor Philipp Kovats - Bass
S.U. - Drums