Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati

Tohpati Ethnomission Mata Hati cover
Tohpati Ethnomission
Mata Hati
MoonJune Records
Tohpati Ethnomission is a music project that was formed in 2009 by guitarist & composer Tohpati (simakDialog) and released its debut album in 2010. Since then Tohpati has been really busy playing in other bands or releasing solo albums, so the specific music project has been put on ice in a way.
Gratefully, Tohpati Ethnomission are back with a new album almost 7 years since the debut. It doesn’t matter that it has taken them so long to come up with a new release, all that matters is that it features all the musicians that were playing in the debut: Indo Hardjodikoro on bass, Diki Suwarjiki on suling bamboo flute and tarompet (Indonesian clarinet), Endang Ramdan on kendang percussion and Demas Narawangsa on drums. Now add the guitar maestro Tohpati to that and the puzzle is completed. Apart from the songwriting, Tohpati has taken care of the album’s production, which is superb on the whole. All the performances are simply amazing and it’s to wonder how these guys can “musically communicate” so perfectly… just watch the videos below to get an idea.
On the music part, Tohpati Ethnomission blends various music styles such as prog/fusion, jazz/fusion, prog rock, jazz-rock, tribal, ethnic, atmospheric, avant-garde & symphonic prog among others. There’s no way to put this under an exact music tag… were I to describe it, I’d call it an “experimental fusion instrumental music orgy” full of improvisations! Certainly, this kind of music is not for everyone and it needs several listens and time so as to be appreciated as it should. All those who fancy the experimental & progressive nature of music, better give it a listen…