Mesmerize - Paintropy

Mesmerize Paintropy cover
Punishment 18 Records
I do remember this band from the early 00s. I can also remember that I quite liked their album “Off Beaten Path” back then. They released another work in 2005 and then they got off my radar, till today when I found out that they are still around making music.
I can recall that this band used to play a kind of heavy/power metal music with several epic elements. I had to double check this album as I first thought that I was listening to another band. Then I realized that although they are the same guys under the same name they had nothing to do with their past. The logo has changed & their music style too. Why didn’t they change their name as well?
The band now has a more straightforward metal approach with modern heavy/thrash features or something like that. But that’s not the problem with this album. The major issue is the shortage of ideas, melodies and riffs. Oh Lord, the outcome is dull and so middling every so often, that’s impossible to keep up for too long. The production is OK yet a tad “hollow” I think, but in truth to be told, this bad MP3 promo quality doesn’t help the listener to draw any safe conclusions.
Anyhow, “Paintropy” won’t change your mind about this band nor will it bring any new fans on board. The guys have probably lost their orientation… they haven’t decided what they wanna play or be… hope they find their way anytime soon…