Architects - For Those That Wish to Exist

Architects For Those That Wish to Exist cover
For Those That Wish to Exist
Epitaph Records
With their latest release, Architects continue to design their own future with their signature sound, while following the blueprints of the past that got them where they are. Full of vocal melodies that keep the songs structurally sound, and the heavy guitars and rhythms we all love them for, that lay the foundation for their sound.
“For Those That Wish to Exist” is Architects first album since 2018’s “Holy Hell”, and a lot of inspiration for songs came from the uncertainty that defined 2020 as a whole.
The album features a good mix of variety, which will appeal to all levels of fans of Architects. There are the lead singles “Black Lungs” and “Animals”, a few feature tracks that bring in Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro (“Goliath”), Winston McCall from Parkway Drive (“Impermanence”), and Mike Kerr from Royal Blood (“Little Wonder”).
“Discourse is Dead” and “Meteor” are some of the heavier tracks, and quickly became my favorites on the album. They have that signature heavy sound that we have all come to know, and love from Architects.
Each track is strong enough that it can stand on its own, but they all fit together perfectly on this album. With solid production, the whole album sounds fantastic with the nuances that are in the tracks, from a simple additional vocal overdub, or something going on in the background with some reverb or a synth. Everything is well balanced, and just sounds great.
This is a pretty solid album from a band that continues to evolve, and adapt. Everything that you love about Architects is here… the heavy melodies, the riffs & the vocal work.
2021 is off to a great start musically with this release from Architects. I cannot wait to hear what the rest of the year brings.