Twilight Force releases music video for title track “Dawn of the Dragonstar”

Twilight Force Dawn of the Dragonstar single cover
Swedish adventure metallers Twilight Force are set to release their latest opus “Dawn of the Dragonstar” on August 16th, 2019, via Nuclear Blast.

Today, the fellowship has unveiled another epic tale off the much anticipated album in the form of animated pictures.

The spellbinding images were captured by Tommy Eriksson and the video was produced and directed by Stefan Altzar. Enjoy the magic melodies of “Dawn of the Dragonstar” below.

Purchase the track here.

Keyboard wizard Blackwald proclaims: “Knights and apprentices! We are delighted and excited to finally present to you the title track from our third creation - "Dawn of the Dragonstar"! This hymn tells the olden tale of a mighty and ancient dragon, whose final fate is to ascend to the firmaments and become a star of guiding light. The splendour of his gleaming soul brings honour, courage and strength to all humans, elves, and dwarves.

The video for this song portrays Twilight Force on their journey to help fulfill the prophecy of the Dragonstar. By using the blinding swiftness of his nimble fingers, Lynd, empowered by powerful enchantments, imbues the petrified Dragonking with renewed lifeforce. However, the incantations required to enchant Lynd turn out to be volatile, and Born’s potent decoctions come in handy when Blackwald’s spellcasting manifests itself in a somewhat... unplanned manner (shapeshifting is indeed a handy school of magic, but it is better utilised for quests requiring great stealth rather than for awakening dragons). We hope you enjoy this adventure together with us, and may the power of the Dragon guide you all!”...

The captivating and beautiful artwork for the song, which illustrates the mighty dragon’s ascension towards the empyrean void, was conjured up by none other than Martin Hanford, the creator of Twilight Force’s very first album cover.

“Dawn of the Dragonstar” will be released on jewelcase CD, digibook, vinyl and digitally. The vinyl, as well as the limited digibook editions, includes several bonus tracks. One is an exquisite cover version of the fellowship’s 2014 song “The Power of the Ancient Force”, performed by skilled singer-songwriter Hanna Turi. Secondly, you’ll be taken on an instrumental voyage through the western-most Kingdom Of Vhardas, with an orchestral version of “With the Light of a Thousand Suns”. Last but not least, the Knights Of Twilight’s Might will for the first time be able to experience never before heard ancient rudimentary demo versions of two of the first ever recorded Twilight Force songs, namely “Forest Of Destiny” and “Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom”. Both tracks were conjured up back in 2007, long before Twilight Force was even an official entity or ever mentioned in the Book of Time.

Pre-order the album here. Pre-order the album digitally to receive “Night of Winterlight” instantly.

1. Dawn of the Dragonstar
2. Thundersword
3. Long Live the King
4. With the Light of a Thousand Suns
5. Winds of Wisdom
6. Queen of Eternity
7. Valley of the Vale
8. Hydra
9. Night of Winterlight
10. Blade of Immortal Steel
11. The Power of the Ancient Force (Hanna Turi Version)
12. With the Light of a Thousand Suns (Orchestral Version)
13. Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom (2007 Demo)
14. Forest of Destiny (2007 Demo)

After wandering across several foreign shores to proclaim the illustrious tales of their two previous records alongside minstrels such as Sabaton, Accept, Sonata Arctica, and Dragonforce among others, Twilight Force will of course be lying in wait to claim the universe's playgrounds. A few European festival gatherings have already been announced, more to follow soon...!

Live Shows 2019:
15-17 Aug  DE Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze
14-21 Oct  ES Mallorca - Full Metal Holiday

Allyon - Vocals
Lynd - Electric & acoustic guitars, lute
Born - Bass
Blackwald - Keyboards, piano, violin, cembalo
De’Azsh - Drums
Aerendir - Guitars