Twilight Force release lyric video for new track “Queen of Eternity”

Twilight Force Queen of Eternity single cover
Dear Knights Of Twilight’s Might, your nearly infinte wait has finally come to an end as Swedish adventure metallers Twilight Force release their third opus, “Dawn of the Dragonstar”, today via Nuclear Blast.

To mark this momentous occasion, the fellowship has unveiled another piece of art, displaying the lyrical majesty of their new tale “Queen of Eternity”. Witness the story in all its magical glory, below.

Keyboard wizard Blackwald states: “It is with great mirth and much delight that we present to you the third and final single before "Dawn of the Dragonstar" is unveiled in its entirety to the world of the living!

It tells the story of a timeless and omnipotent celestial entity, an immortal and unfathomably powerful ethereal being, namely the "Queen of Eternity". She is the spirit and warden of realities and time, and the immortal protector of the cosmic winds. She is awakened from her slumber when unknown and malicious rifts in the space time continuum sends tremors through the fabric of mana. In the events which transpire in this particular song, she is facing the galactic ruler of the dark dimensions, who seeks to eradicate life, order, and time.

"Queen of Eternity" is a fast paced journey through interdimensional portals, propelled by furious guitarwork and pounding drums. The song is also enlivened with a choral part, where the chanting of empyreal choirs constitutes a hymn in celebration of the saviour of the cosmos! So, without further ado, we now give you: "Queen of Eternity"!”...

Order “Dawn of the Dragonstar” here.

“Dawn of the Dragonstar” is available on jewelcase CD, digibook, vinyl and digitally. The vinyl, as well as the limited digibook editions, includes several bonus tracks. One is an exquisite cover version of the fellowship’s 2014 song “The Power of the Ancient Force”, performed by skilled singer-songwriter Hanna Turi. Secondly, you’ll be taken on an instrumental voyage through the western-most Kingdom Of Vhardas, with an orchestral version of “With the Light of a Thousand Suns”. Last but not least, the Knights Of Twilight’s Might will for the first time be able to experience never before heard ancient rudimentary demo versions of two of the first ever recorded Twilight Force songs, namely “Forest Of Destiny” and “Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom”. Both tracks were conjured up back in 2007, long before Twilight Force was even an official entity or ever mentioned in the Book of Time.

Allyon - Vocals
Lynd - Electric & acoustic guitars, lute
Born - Bass
Blackwald - Keyboards, piano, violin, cembalo
De’Azsh - Drums
Aerendir - Guitars