Hollywood Burns to release new studio album “The Age of the Saucers” on November 12th 2021

Hollywood Burns The Age of the Saucers cover
French master of cinematic dark synth Hollywood Burns (aka Emeric Levardon) has released new single “Saturday Night Screamer” with a stunning video, taken from his upcoming album “The Age of the Saucers”, set for release on November 12th, 2021, via Blood Music.

Filmed in a disused particle accelerator near Paris, watch the video for “Saturday Night Screamer” below.

Directed by Emeric himself, he comments: “"Saturday Night Screamer" takes inspiration from the sequence in "Mars Attacks" where aliens fire weapons at people while communicating: "Don’t run, we are your friends". The song tells the tale of a horrible invasion of Earth through an ironic, upbeat song”.

On the creation of the video, he continues: “I directed the music video myself, and we were lucky to get permission to shoot in a decommissioned particle accelerator outside Paris. We kept the same ironic spirit and derision found in the song”.

French composer Emeric Levardon drew on his experiences making music for TV and films to create a one-of-a-kind project and in 2016, Hollywood Burns was born. Hollywood Burns boldly marries the retro-electro pulse of synthwave with the majesty of film orchestra, applying inspiration from the work of legendary composers John Williams and Bernard Herrmann.

Time out from touring over the pandemic allowed Levardon to complete Hollywood Burns’s sophomore saga: “The Age of the Saucers”. Conceived as a sequel to debut album “Invaders”, “The Age of the Saucers” is a heavier and more pessimistic release than its predecessor.                  

Invaders took the point-of-view of the intruders, telling of their joyful and successful invasion of our planet. “The Age of the Saucers” takes place several years later on a post-apocalyptic Earth, showcasing a planet decimated by chaos. We enter the point-of-view of the last remaining humans, trying to survive a crumbling world.

The album is marked by more dramatic production with the introduction of darker and sometimes slower tracks, as well as quieter and more melancholic tones. In addition to his science fiction influences, Levardon also takes new, heavier inspiration from Mick Gordon and Crystal Castles. Illustrating a desire to bring new ideas to its universe, Volkor X joins the list of the limited guests to appear, bringing a taste of progressive rock.

“The Age of the Saucers” opens a door to a new galaxy of adventures more frightening and more dangerous than ever before.

Pre-order “The Age of the Saucers” here.

1. Once Upon a Time (in Hell)
2. The Age of the Saucers
3. Abomination from Planet X
4. A Moment of Bliss
5. Saturday Night Screamer
6. Fallen Heaven
7. Silent Fortress (ft. Volkor X)
8. Fear in the Eye of the Tyrant
9. Skylords
10. The Heist of Area 51