Ecnephias to release new studio album “Seven – The Pact of Debauchery” on March 21st 2020

Ecnephias Seven – The Pact of Debauchery cover
Ecnephias are finally ready to unveil some of the main aspects of their new dark creature.

First of all the title that is “Seven – The Pact of Debauchery” and the amazing magic cover artwork created by Luciana Nedelea.

The album, mixed by Federico Falasca, represents the seventh seal of a band that is part of the greats of the Italian Metal scene. The album will be released on March 21st, 2020, via My Kingdom Music and will sign a return to their roots with a more extreme and evilish sound.

Pre-order “Seven – The Pact of Debauchery” here.

1. Without Lies
2. The Night of the Witch
3. Vampiri
4. Tenebra Shirts
5. The Dark
6. Run
7. The Clown
8. Il Divoratore
9. Rosa Mistica

Welcome to a new mystic, malignant and obscure sign of their Dark Art!