Warrior Soul - Back on the Lash

Warrior Soul Back on the Lash cover
Warrior Soul
Back on the Lash
Livewire/Cargo Records
Hmm Kory Clarke… he of good looks, once upon a time, good voice and involved quite political lyrics, when he was wreaking havoc back in the 90s. He’s still got his hair, albeit shorter and dyed, looks good for his years, but possible abuse and reckless singing have shot his voice up, beyond recognition. From a rather refined hair metal like croon, with lots of control and color, he now sounds more like a young Lemmy of all things, with a bit more range, so check on the attitude, but otherwise… it’s gone along with most of the deeper lyrical content.
Things are a bit different on the band front, as well as the lineup changes offer a different band than the one you might remember from back in the day, while their chemistry it’s sufficiently different. I was never WS’s biggest fan and I really didn’t bother too much with their most recent efforts and “Back on the Lash” hardly does anything to convince me to do otherwise, as it’s standard rock n roll, with only occasional flairs, like “Thrill Seeker” and “Goin’ Broke Getting’ High” and a couple of other “decent tracks”. Too much ado for Kory… sorry.