Violet Gibson - American Circus

Violet Gibson
American Circus
Violet Gibson is a newcomer from Italy. They released their first demo under the name of Last Vegas but before they started recording their debut album, due to some line-up changes – the addition of two new guitarists, they renamed themselves Violet Gibson.
Their sound is quite modern and more US oriented with elements from hard rock, metal, modern rock, rock & roll, classic rock & gothic rock (few ones). The production is actually good & modern as the album was mixed by Mike Bettali at MBS Studios and recorded & mastered at Studio 73 with the supervision of Riccardo “Paso” Pasini. There are some fine tunes here like: “Go Ahead”, “American Circus”, “She Feels Alive”, “In My Head”, “Forget about the Rain”, “I Wish I Could” & “From the Moon to Your Feet” (a wonderful atmospheric tune – the best of the album)… and generally they are presenting something which is OK but without it being groundbreaking or mind-blowing. Surely, they can improve in the future… for if any band can’t better up… then there’s no point in playing music at all… but in my opinion, they must mind the melodies more. In this kind of music the strong catchy refrains is what matters the most… so they’d better go easy on it in the future. I’ve heard several bands from this label lately and Violet Gibson are among the top acts on their roster. I’ll be looking for their next step… but till then do give ‘em a chance… and listen to them somehow.