Vengeance - Crystal Eye

Crystal Eye
New chapter for the Dutch band Vengeance, which has been in the business for almost 30 years. After their guitarist, Jan Somers, passed away last year … they are back with a new album and a brand new line-up as well. Nowadays, along with the vocalist Goewie you will find Chris Slade on drums (ex-AC/DC), Keri Kelli on guitar (ex-Alice Cooper), Chris Glen on bass (ex-MSG), and Timo Somers on guitar (son of Vengeance guitarist Jan Somers). Of course part of the team is no other than the famed producer/singer/guitarist/composer Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova, Michael Schenker)… who has taken care of the album’s production and has also co-written most of the songs with Goewie.
Hard rock n’ roll music with various hard n’ heavy elements and +an 80s feeling… is what you will get by listening to this album… as it is mostly influenced by AC/DC & Krokus. The production by Voss has a sharp-rockin’ edge… making the album sound more 80s in the end. The title track, “Crystal Eye” (my favorite one on the album) was written by Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One, ex-Vengeance), while Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath, Mollo/Martin) contributed “Whole Lotta Metal”, which is said to be “tailor-made for Goewie and Vengeance”. The instrumental “Jan’s End Piece”, which closes the album, features the last guitar solos recorded by Jan Somers before his tragic death.
There’s not much to say for this album… if you like this kind of music… and bow to the 80s hard n’ heavy bands and you are fond of raspy voice and rockin’ guitars…give it a chance. Otherwise, this just ain’t your cup of tea so better go on. This is actually a solid hard rockin’ album… and the 80s die-hard fans will have a good time listening to it.