Vega - Stereo Messiah

Vega Stereo Messiah cover
Stereo Messiah
Frontiers Music srl
Back to Frontiers records after a small hiatus for Vega… and back also with a new album after last year’s “What the Hell!”. These British melodic rockers are very persevering and highly focused on what they wanna achieve, I have to say.
“Stereo Messiah” has the band’s “known sound”… the positive melodic rock/AOR music with modern pop-rock touches. Also this album features the track “10 X Bigger than Love”, which was penned by the legendary Joe Elliot (Def Leppard). Joe also participates in the track along with the band’s vocalist Nick. The track itself, is reminiscent of the latest Def Leppard tracks... somewhat modern with pop-rock passages. OK, but thankfully the album contains better tracks in general.
The production is rockin’ and pretty powerful. I guess the credits firstly go to John Mitchell (It Bites), who did all the hard work (recording, mixing) and secondly to Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), who did the mastering. That’s the sound that bands of the specific genre should have.
Generally, “Stereo Messiah” is a very fresh and positive rock album. Time passes nicely while listening to it and there’s no way to get bored or anything. Possibly, the band may need a few super catchy hits so as to gain more popularity and make things roll better for their own sake… but they are certainly following the right path…