Valerie - Young Hunger

Valerie Young Hunger cover
Young Hunger
Demon Doll Records
I’ll tell you a bit of an anecdote, before I begin this review, I guess it was quite funny how I misread the name of this release as “Valerie Young – Hunger” instead of “Valerie – Young Hunger”.
So as this is my first encounter with the group I was mentally prepared for some female vocalist’s solo album... imagine my surprise, after a brief solo, when I got some 70/80 inspired hard rock, by this youthful, Norwegian quartet, obviously with male vocals. This is apparently their second effort, since their debut in 2012 and Beau Hill (famous for producing a bunch of famous 80s heavy weights like Alice Cooper, Ratt, Europe etc.) has been producing assisting them, ever since he heard to a song of theirs on some Texas radio. Basically, they’re not half as bad, imagine a bit more wimpy, Dalton/Europe/DaVinci, with a not so good singer who, sleazes a bit more and has a weird timbre.
They have the occasional early, non-harmonized to death, Def Lep, touch too... an amalgam of hair metal influences really and they do try and check all boxes, style wise, with strutting rockers, more whimpy sing a longs, AOR influenced ballads… you name it, they play it… there are a number of first rate songs, ie “Firm Believer” and “Get Ready” or “Bye Bye” and there isn’t a single song that’s really bad, but their singer, really is dragging the band down... with another man behind the mic this release would have been a minor classic. As it is, I consider it, an interesting release that could have been pretty awesome, under circumstances... the songwriting is there, but the REAL fire in the performances (that touring would give em) and a really good vocalist are lacking.