Trixter - New Audio Machine

New Audio Machine
Frontiers Records
Trixter is another US band that was destroyed by the so called grunge music movement in the US in the early 90s. They were formed in the mid-80s… they released their first album in 1990, the second one in 1992 and the third one, which was a cover album, in 1994. Then they disappeared… along with lots of other hard rock bands of that era… as the big labels… used to name new rock stars overnight and they advertised and offered fame and fortune to untalented bands that could make fuzzy rock music with no sense of taste at all.
They appeared again in 2007… and in the years after, they played in several gigs. Now, after almost 28 years since their latest studio album they are back. Certainly, the members have matured… but they never forgot how to rock. It’s truly encouraging to see bands from the 80s resurrect even if they had been away for so many years… it’s like there’s a flame inside them that none can put out.
The good thing is that this album rocks… they do not fool around with acoustic stuff… or pop rock songs… easy-listening mellow tunes and things like that. That’s something I like… they wanna play rock music and that’s what they deliver… so nice and easy. Hard rock music as it was made in the 80s… influenced by Whitesnake, Guns N’ Roses, Great White, Black N’ Blue, Tuff, Ratt, Skid Row, Poison, Warrant, Dangerous Toys and the list goes on. Tasteful melodic hard rockin’ music with an 80s vibe and a fresh and powerful production. If you have never heard of them it’s time to get to know them… and if you happened to like their first two releases then you will be satisfied with this one as well.