Tiebreaker - We Come From the Mountains

Tiebreaker We Come From the Mountains cover
We Come From the Mountains
Karisma Records
Tiebreaker is a newcomer from Norway, which doesn’t play black metal! WTF?! How is this possible! Nevertheless, Tiebreaker is a young band which likes the 70s classic rock & blues rock music. They have learned their lessons quite well and they’ll probably remind you slightly of some late 70s rock bands but without that retro sound, since their production is both dynamic and has a fresh contemporary twist.
“We Come From the Mountains” is their debut album, which was released by the band itself in 2014 and it wasn’t until now that it got a proper international release by Karisma Records. The band’s next plan is to move to a cabin in the Norwegian countryside in August to concentrate on their sophomore album.
The first sample of Tiebreaker is promising and well-made. The vocals by Thomas Espeland Karlsen make the final outcome somewhat better and it’s true that his voice fits this kind of music like a glove. The band’s second release will show the way and whether they are capable of competing with the bigger modern acts of this style. My only objection about that 70s classic rock/blues rock revival is that almost all the new bands offer the same thing more or less and they do not bring anything new & fresh on the table… they need more imagination and to break free from the music barriers of the 70s era; after all, it’s damn 2015 already!