Tiamat - The Scarred People

Tiamat The Scarred People cover
The Scarred People
Napalm Records
Before starting reviewing an album, before even starting listening to it, you just feast your eyes upon the cover artwork and contemplate the content. What are your thoughts about Tiamat? Consider the following scenario… You start the album with the tenth song “Tiznit” (anomaly runs through your veins, you can’t help it), and all of a sudden, acoustic guitars and chirpings overwhelm the room and you question yourself: what the “f” or “h” word – choose whatever inspires you- is that??? Yet, you can’t deny it… it is hilarious and totally Tiamatish - check “Wildhoney” in 1994 and “A Deeper Kind of Slumber” in 1997, both of which have substantial traces of “serene” soundscapes - thereby, you decide to do it the right way…
“The Scarred People” starts off quite vigorously with the homonymous song followed by the spectacular “Winter Dawn” and “384Ekteis”; with the latter being one of the most bizarre yet marvelously quirky songs of the album, providing that one can handle a bit tougher melodies. “Radiant Star” and “The Sun Also Rises” are milder tunes full of sentiment and attention-grabbing lyrics. Next in line is “Before Another Wilbury Dies”, one minute and thirty nine seconds of electric guitars, bass and drumming while a voice in the deep is faintly heard. Number seven is “Love Terrorists” the fieriest piece perchance. Especially as it comes to its end… “Messinian Letter” gives overly sweet melodies and lyrics, not much my cup of tea but okay generally. “Thunder & Lightning” is a vivid song to prepare you for… you now know what (hehe). Last track, “The Red of the Morning Sun”, is a moody tune which you truly want to play over and over again.
On the whole, “The Scarred People” is a work blending smart orchestrations – goth is nicely intermingled with harder elements - with adeptly executed performances and a production that would make other, less known bands green with envy. More or less, compared to their previous work I’d say this one is better by all means.