Thulium - Sixty Nine

Thulium Sixty Nine cover
Sixty Nine
Independent Release
Apparently, Thulium is the chemical element with atomic number 69. I guess that’s why hard/heavy rock London, England band Thulium called their debut album “Sixty Nine”. Otherwise, they’re really (really) immature.
Honestly, there’s really not much I can say about this album. To put it politely, it’s not that great. No matter which of the 11 tracks you listen to you will get the feeling that although the band’s heart is at the right place, their music is lacking something. Two things that surely don’t get them any points are the poor and flat production sound, and the lead singer’s vocal abilities. It’s not that the dude is horrible or something like that, but he does sound like an amateur.
On the other hand, no one can accuse Thulium of not trying hard enough. It’s clear that they’ve really worked truly hard on the details of each song. Some of these details work like a charm. Take the organ sound in “Your Majesty” for example that serves as a pleasant change of pace for the record, or the absolutely exquisite guitar solo in Watch Me Leave which you want to hear over and over again.
At the end of the day though, unfortunately, these are small things and don’t really do much to change the mediocre and unfulfilling listening experience that is “Sixty Nine”. It’s a shame because, I at least think, it’s crystal clear this is a band with potential. I do hope we get another release from them when they’ve found their voice in the future.