Surrender - Better Later Than Never

Surrender Better Later Than Never cover
Better Later Than Never
This is something that we (the fans) all needed! No, don’t be confused, this is not the new album of Surrender but rather a re-release of their highly-acclaimed, self-produced, self-titled album which was released back in 1991, with the addition of three bonus tracks that never made it to the first album. The good news here is not only that we finally have one hell of an album in our hands, but that no fan will be in the dilemma of paying a huge amount of money in order to get the debut album.
A small search on the internet will show you that this album had been sold for $1500 and $2000, and if you could find a copy of the CD (which most of the times was not even the original one) there was no way to pay less than $600 for it!! This is outrageous!! Not only some “smart” guys had been taking advantage of fans’ love for this record but the band members hadn’t been getting a single cent from the sales of the album! Thank God all those things have changed, and now we have many copies of the CD that everyone can buy at a reasonable price. A special thx also goes to the band that took the decision to re-release the album and make it even better than the first one!
Enough is said about the history of the CD; let’s say some things about the musical value of this album. This is without any doubt one of the best independent melodic rock/AOR CDs that have been released since 1990 despite the fact that it never managed to be released under a big label. Surrender is kinda legend among the fans of this kind of music and that’s the reason why this CD is so highly-appreciated by everyone.
This album, in truth to be told, contains catchy melodic tunes & ballads like: “Never”, “Claire”, “Sunrise Goodbye”, “Nikki”, “Feel The Burn”, “Last Time I Say Goodbye”, “One Touch City”, “Later”, “Thought You Should Know” &“Carrie”. On the first ten songs of the album the original singer of the band, Frank Siccoli is behind the microphone and on the other two bonus tracks Eric Thompson is singing. Now what are you really expecting from me to say? This is a must buy for every melodic rock/AOR fan that respects himself and wants to own some true indie diamonds of rock music. Make a smart move and get this album now that you have the chance, and make sure that you do not have to pay again, in the future, a huge amount of money in order to buy it.
PS: You can read the interview I did with Kenny Hamberg in 2005 here.

Kenny Hamberg - drums, keyboards
Michael Olszewski - guitars, bass
Frank Siccoli - Vocals on tracks 1-10
Eric Thompson - Vocals on tracks 11-12

01. Never (4:15)
02. Claire (4:23)
03. Sunrise Goodbye (4:24)
04. Nikki (4:22)
05. Feel the Burn (3:59)
06. Last Time I Say Goodbye (4:31)
07. One Tough City (4:30)
08. Later (4:08)
09. Thought You Should Know (3:51)
10. Carrie (4:52) [bonus track]
11. A New Game (3:08) [bonus track]
12. Little Asia (4:25) [bonus track]