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Radiation Romeos
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When I saw the name and the title of this release and without knowing anything else, I thought, hmm that sounds a bit like “Atomic Playboys”… it was a lyric in the first proper solo album by Steve Steven’s best known as the guitarist for Billy Idol… now it turns out, it is him and Paramo Paramore “Perry” McCarty (better known as the singer in Warrior) with whom he had reunited only to be replaced by Cage frontman Sean Peck there…
Now if you liked that album… it’s all good, but not expect something as flashy or hairy, after all it’s been several years between then and now, however there’s still chemistry and the result is some hard and heavy goodness.
The eponymous track, “Radiation Romeos”, tries to be as anthemic as it can and it largely succeeds in sounding like the spiritual successor to “Atomic Playboys” hehe…
“Ocean Drive” is wimping out a bit musically, with keys and pomp into soft rock territory, but vocally it remains stuck in a Graham Bonnet sort of mode, which isn’t bad after all I guess...
“Bad Bad Company” has some mean riffs and the vocals follow suit in a darker but still rocking track.
“Mystic Mountain” keep the rocking going on, but it does so with a heavier, more thumbing rhythm.
“Like An Arrow” is a nice ballad and even if McCarty does strain a bit, its adds more to the feel, rather than become a detriment and with a chorus like that… who’d be able to say anything negative.
“Promised Land” is a smoother, somewhat epic number with some smart instrumentation that sounds a tad more European than you’d expect from an American bunch...
“Castaways” begins with some piano but turns anthem soon after in a way that’s hard to resist really, a relative highlight.
“Ghost Town” is a little different, with the type of riffs you might expect from an Idol tune… and the whole Far West theme, it ain’t bad, but it takes a bit of getting used to and you might still not be mighty impressed by it at the end of the day.
“Till the End of Time” is a better one, a melodic love song, that’s not a ballad musically, but a riff driven one.
“On the Tight Rope” tips the scales towards rock again, with a sharper riff but still generous amount of melody and a neat solo.
Lastly, “Monstertraxx” is an edgy thumbing rocker in which I’m pretty sure the chorus is a lot better than the verses and would have sucked if it didn’t have a massive riff tossed somewhere in there...
Overall, Radiation Romeos eponymous debut album is a nice platter of hard and heavy songs, from a couple of guys that do go some way back; I wouldn’t mind a follow up, but I certainly hope it doesn’t take another twenty or more years to get around to that.