Quor - Human Paradigm

Quor Human Paradigm cover
Human Paradigm
Quor Music
Quor is a newcomer that hails from San Diego CA and took shape in 2012. The band was originally named WAGTBA (We Are Going To Be Awesome) but they changed their name to Quor after a while.
In 2013, they released an EP entitled “We Are Going to Be Awesome”, probably to honor their first name. Fast forward to 2015, when the band released “Human Paradigm”. The album contains 5 new tracks plus the 4 tracks from the 2013 EP. So in a way “Human Paradigm” comprises two different eras of the band. The new and the old one. I do think that the new material is way better than the old one and in general their sound has changed, as it has became a bit heavier and groovier. They blend hardcore, metalcore, mathcore, groove metal & heavy rock. Their (new) sound is punchy & heavy and rather modern.
I kinda think that “Human Paradigm” serves as an appetizer of what’s to come from the band and it can appeal to the fans of the genre. For instance, the track “When the God’s Speak” is a great example of the band’s updated music style. The guys have a genuine rock attitude and they are true on what they do… so give them a listen and see whether this modern stuff suits you or not.