Queensryche - The Art of Live

Queensryche The Art of Live cover
The Art of Live
Mayan Records
To be honest I always have troubles in grading a live album. What shall I take into account? The production, the live feeling, the selection for tracks, the mood and performance of the band? Usually if you are a fan of a band you will like its live albums too, if not then hardly ever a life album will change your mind.
Well, the case here is difficult. Above all I have to make clear that this CD is only for ‘Ryche freaks obsessed with having all their discography. The album has been recorded during the American tour of the band with Dream Theater and Fates Warning, and to be honest it seems as if ‘Ryche have been in bad shape. Having seen them live twice and having heard their previous live recordings I know that the capabilities of the band are many miles away from what it produces here. The set list is based on the “Tribe” album with only seven tracks coming from the past recording up to “Promised Land”. By the way the acoustic execution on “My Global Mind” is unfortunate.
Don’t know... in general it seems that the release is odd and superfluous. The package is saved by the DVD, which contains the collaboration with Dream Theater on two Pink Floyd songs.