Night - Soldiers of Time

Night Soldiers of Time cover
Soldiers of Time
When I unpacked, the zip/promo, the first thing I did before playing back the files, was to open the photos that were attached. Upon gazing at them, as another sheer, with crystal balls, just like the ones, the figure on the cover holds, I made a few bold predictions. These half mustachio’d, retrists, must come from Sweden and they would attempt some sort of a NWOBHM inspired, riffy metal... I did a little background check on “metallum” and found myself to be 100 % correct.
The band, on this, their sophomore effort, performs in a standard classic metal form, with overtly nasal, rather weak vocals, that don’t offer the material any variation, other than hearing a guy, sounding like he never had his balls drop, screaming screechily on top of his lungs. OK, it’s not, entirely that bad, or as bad as it could have been, but it’s still quite annoying. As a person that appreciates, old school metal, but also, capable vocalists, I cannot like “The Night”, at least with their current (Burning Fire) vocalist. I might, back in the day have liked Cirith Ungol and consider them cult, but in all seriousness, Tim Baker, was off the f@cking rails, when it came to vocal performance, so hearing a band trying to copy that style, only with lighter riffs, in 2015, is not a particularly enticing prospect to me. They try to make a huge deal, about having worked with guys that have worked with Ghost BC, and having toured with them, (probably once) which I find quite pathetic too, when musically they are quite basic, but not coming up with bad, ideas, actually.
Suggested only to fans of Cirith Ungol and primal, vocally questionable epic NWOBHM (ie Arc). For that standard, it’s a pretty solid release, but otherwise, a very acquired taste which I am impartial to.