Nickelback - No Fixed Address

Nickelback No Fixed Address cover
No Fixed Address
Republic Records
Nickelback, like Creed before them, are the sort of band that you love to put down. It would be very easy to jump on the bandwagon and just write a funny smart-ass review about their new release, “No Fixed Address” (and to be honest I was a bit tempted to do just that), but I won’t do it. Instead I’ll try as hard as I can to be objective.
No matter if you like them or not, when you put on a Nickelback record you know exactly what you’re gonna get. This is their first release after leaving Roadrunner and joining with Republic Records, but once again the same formula stays unchanged. 11 songs that have Nickelback written all over them. Whether we’re talking about “hard-sounding” (for Nickelback’s standards) Edge of a Revolution, or the 30 Seconds To Mars resembling radio-friendly What Are You Waiting For, or the vaguely funky grooving She Keeps Me Up, or even the mellow piano featuring generic power-ballad Satellite, one thing is for sure, this band aims to please the large majority. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no law that rock bands must cause controversy, I don’t think Nickelback ever set out to do anything like that. I mean even Get Em Up which is about stealing stuff, is designed to be such a catchy tune so it could easily be played on the average radio station. Not to mention Got Me Runnin Round, an absolute mediocre song in which Flo Rida raps for about 24'' so that the title of the track ends with the phrase “(featuring Flo Rida)”.
So, there you have it, Nickelback released yet another radio-friendly album. Good for them.