Nevalra - Conjure the Storm

Nevalra Conjure the Storm cover
Conjure the Storm
M-Theory Audio
Although some people may not believe it, death metal is well and truly alive. Humanity has been blessed with some fantastic bands such as Deicide, Napalm Death and Morbid Angel but unfortunately nothing lasts for ever, so it is our job to keep the scene alive by listening to new bands and allowing them to become the big dogs in the future. Luckily for us, the planet is full of extremely talented musicians, and the guys in Nevalra, who are based in Missouri, are no exception. Their new album, “Conjure the Storm”, will take you on a wild ride of death metal infused with black metal (or else blackened death metal), but the sky was clearly the limit here. Expect melodic riffs and screeching vocals Dani Filth should be taking notes from.
Nevalra are still a young band. Vocalist and guitarist Scott Eames was the mastermind behind this project 6 years ago, before it became a full line-up. Current members include Cody Sprock on bass, Simon Dorfman behind studio drums and Adrian Galindo on touring drums. “Conjure the Storm” is their first full length album, but has already taken Nevalra on an extensive 6-week tour across Europe supporting Carach Angren, proving to us that these guys are hardworking and aiming for massive things.
With this record, Nevalra have stayed true to their unique punchy sound but you can hear a clear improvement in the mastering when compared to their EP “The Black Flame” (which was also nothing short of brilliant). The album’s mastering was done by Dan Swano, who has in the past worked with Dark Funeral, Opeth, Marduk and Dissection. There is a heavy melodic presence throughout the entire album which calms down the maelstrom that gets woken up within you. You will travel down to a terrifying, fantastical place, guided by the beautiful melodies of Eames’ BC Rich. “I wrote ‘Conjure the Storm’ (song) to lure you in and feel the music & melodies. I wrote ‘It Dies in Vain’ to punch you in the mouth”, Scott wrote on Facebook. This is a good verbal representation of what those two songs in specific are like, and a decent idea of what other songs are capable of. “Conjure the Storm”, which was released on YouTube as a lyric video in late May, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and for good reason. The soft beginning of this majestic song creates a good balance between the powerful, catchy guitar riff that comes next, which should easily knock you off your chair. Andres Vargas (Thy Antichrist) does guest vocals in this one, adding some extra depth.
Many albums have at least one song that isn’t quite 100%, however “Conjure the Storm” satisfies many cravings and there is no bad single on the entire album, even after listening to it 86 times. It has been put together in a thoughtful way, introducing the bundle of chaos with Warchestra ,which includes creepy sound effects and has a marching war-like attitude. Ending the record with a somewhat and somehow different sound, “Prophet for Profit” will pleasantly surprise with rare bits of clean guitar.
Considering the rate this band is going at, it would come to no surprise if Nevalra start taking over the spotlight in the near future; as bass player Sprock told me (read more here): “We’re just getting started. There is so much more to look forward to”...