Malnàtt - Principia Discordia

Principia Discordia
Bakerteam Records
Malnàtt is an Italian black metal band that has become known for its experimentation through its early days, with the addition of accordion, female screaming vocals, trumpets & hilarious lyrics in Bolognese dialect in their music.
Now, four years after “La voce dei Morti” they’re back with their newest release under a new label as well. Experimenting as a band, this time with “Principia Discordia” they present an extreme yet melodic & experimental work. The lyrics are inspired by both some great Italian poets and the band’s mastermind Porz himself, who enjoys writing hermetic songs stuck between suicide and irony… as the press release says, but I couldn’t hereby confirmed it cuz’ I do not know Italian. I guess they do have a comical & satirical edge on top. Furthermore, the production is great & very rich. The album was recorded and mixed at Domination Studios in San Marino, under the supervision of the well-known producer/musician Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios). It has one of the finest productions a black metal band can actually have.
The top tracks here, according to me are the longest ones, “Don Matteo” & “Ulver Nostalgia”, which has female vocals throughout the song. The symphonic, atmospheric, & Viking influences in their sound won’t leave unsatisfied all those who like their black metal embellished with melodic, moody & dark features in consort with sarcastic lyrics & experimental approach. Personally, I would like them to go all the way, avoid some major Scandinavian black metal clichés and try out several different things with a witty brashness.