Lost Society - No Absolution

Lost Society No Absolution cover
Lost Society
No Absolution
Independent Release
For some reason I can’t put my finger on, Lost Society’s name seems familiar and although I checked I don’t think I ever did review a previous album… but from what I see they used to be on Nuclear Blast, as one of those neo-thrash bands they signed spurred from the winning battle of the bands type of competitions.
This is the fourth effort by these young Finns that were founded by vocalist/guitarist Samy Elbanna some ten years ago. While they were always pretty groovy, this new album takes things a step further. You need to think of it as an almost metalcore take on the groove laden music of Pantera, but with plenty of leads that are quite capable and the occasional part you might confuse for your above average neo-thrash band. A bit like Slipknot on occasion without the tendency to rap…? I wouldn’t sign up first on the line, but I don’t mind it either.
Opener “Nonbeliever” goes through a short acoustic intro, straight into an onslaught of guitars that  develops in this screamo happy thing that sounds half inspired by Iowa era Slipknot, but then, that’s only half of the story, as more is thrown in the mix… probably including the mixer as well.
“No Absolution” is pretty metalcore, but it manages to balance both edginess and melody, without tipping its hat one way or the other… it also grooves like an eel out of water.
“Blood on Your Hands” is probably the edgiest song on offer feeling pretty close to the more “death metal” inspired moments of Slipknot, only done by four guys… and with a better and more classically inspired solo that does feel a little out of place here, but only a bit.
“Artificial” was released by the band as a single and while at first it’s hard to distinguish it, from the rest, as it is almost as extreme, its chorus is the softest, catchiest and more melodic, just before shit hits the fan and splatters all over… time and time again. It’s fair… it’s good.
“Pray for Death” title reminded me of an ancient DOS beat em up game, but it’s fast paced, yet melodic number, which I actually liked straight away… while it’s still edgy and melodic as all the songs are, the Static X like catchy chorus and a few more nifty ideas make this song to stand out.
“Outbreak (No Rest for the Sickest)” had me expecting for something faster, but it’ a heavy groovy number with some sick riffery and a sinister atmosphere.
“My Prophecy” is a little too predictable, with its melodic chorus following the aggro verses, but it’s catchy enough to not dismiss straight away, but this Linkin Park on Steroids with a really distorted guitar situation is not really my cup of tea.
“Mark Upon Your Skin” is marginally better as it’s more callous, cold and hard hitting, with meat carving riffs.
“Worthless” is more thrash-y but, with the more modern bd’s ever present. It’s not bad in combining the past with the present.
“Deliver Me” seems to actually drop the band’s super hard hitting MO for a more groovy 90s, style, that is actually a little better sounding, imho, especially when the more melodic chorus comes around. The solo is nice and technical and it’s one of the songs that stands out more… imho sounding like old school Prong on 45 rpm with a bit of more modern take overall.
The last track is a collaboration between the band and the members of Apocalyptica. It’s basically Apocalyptica with a singer on a ballad, that goes scream-a-core midway, which might feel rather out of place at first, but once the band comes in, sort of feels like something that really works well. It still feels a little odd, but that doesn’t take anything away from it, or make it feel like a cop out. Instead the cellos, which complement the melodies, allow for the dynamics of the song to shine through a lot easier, than when they have to antagonize a chaos of cacophony around them.
Taking inspiration from modern groove metal, old school thrash, and even metalcore, Lost Society might not cater to everyone, but none could deny their ability and drive. It remains to see how they’ll do without a big company like NB backing them up and if they’ll be forgotten faster than they were discovered.