Lee Small - Jamaica Inn

Lee Small
Jamaica Inn
Escape Music
After his very successful participation in Shy that gave him more points and raised his popularity, Lee is presenting his second solo album which is titled “Jamaica Inn” after the classical novel, as he stated in the interview we had some time ago. In this album, he co-operated with a bunch of talented musicians such as: Carl Anthony Wright (guitar), Des Sherwood (guitar), Martin Kronlund (guitars - Gypsy Rose), Paul Bradder (keys - Saracen) and Imre Daun (drums - Don Patrol, Gypsy Rose). Lee played the bass on the whole album (do not forget that he started out as a bassist back in the early 80s) and some guitars as well. The album was recorded at Leylands Tank in the U.K and got produced, mixed & mastered at JM Studios in Sweden by Martin Kronlund. Needless to say, the production is great.
“Jamaica Inn”, has nothing to do with Lee’s first solo album (“Through The Eyes of Robert Lees”) neither with Shy or Phenomena. This is a bluesy rockin’ album, with some rock & roll and funky influences, that exhales a live feeling and remind you of the 70s & the 80s era of funky, blues rock music and some great artists like Glenn Hughes, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore (the blues period). Lee’s performances are fantastic… he’s singing his soul out… very passionate… while all the guys in the band play with soul & rhyme. If you listen to: “The Captain’s Quarters”, “Walk the Plank”, “Shine A Light”, “Dead Man Walking”, “Voyager”, “I Am the Sea”, “Waiting for the Hangman” and “End of the Road” you’ll comprehend exactly my perspective.
This album is suggested not only for the 70s & 80s blues rock music lovers but also for those who play or are fond of pleasant guitar playing and wonderful crispy rockin’ vocals. Lee Small is a very talented and budding vocalist/musician and he proves that with every new album he releases.