Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate - All You Need is Soul

Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate All You Need is Soul cover
Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate
All You Need is Soul
Frontiers Music Srl
Jizzy Pearl’s new album encapsulates the classic vintage vibe of 80s/90s Glam Metal and Hard Rock. The album art gives you a clue to the vibrant, energetic and electric vibes and psychedelic harmonies that it contains. Jizzy dragged the 80s/90s into the modern day with high energy riffs and vocals, so still a great listening for anyone not familiar with the Love/Hate days.
Jizzys distinctive voice, trademark snarl and attitude hits you hard in “You’re Gonna Miss Me…” and “High for an Eye”. Combination of high-energy hard-rock songs like “House of Sin”, “Mortified” and “Frustrated” with pummelling metallic force and classic rock guitar tones. Cut with gritty bluesy soul songs like “You Don’t Know What it’s Like” and “It Doesn’t Matter”, which will soon be a modern classic power ballad. Jizzy reignites the punky energy of “Wasted in America” when closing with “Mr Jimmy”.
Music really does give an insight into the artists mind and soul. This album speaks of the life of a rock star, with the groupies. You can hear his pain coming through in “You Don’t Know What it’s Like” and “It Doesn’t Matter”. Lastly, “Little Treasures” is definitely this album’s hidden little treasure, truly modernising the 80s with its psychedelic harmonies and guitar waves but modern structure.
With the re-birth of the 80s/90s already set in, Jizzy’s new album has come at the right time and is ready to take the 80s/90s revolution to its next level. Having an actual rock icon from the 80s to lead can only be a good thing. All his old fans can re-live the glory days and re-discover the music of they grew up on. And, more importantly, a new generation gets to witness the heyday of true Rock n Roll. Jizzy really does prove that, “all you need is soul”…