Iain Ashley Hersey - Vintage Love - The Best

Iain Ashley Hersey
Vintage Love - The Best
Avenue Of Allies
Iain Ashley Hersey is a songwriter/guitarist that comes from New England, USA. He had always been a fan of classic rock and hard rock bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin as well as Bad Company and his guitar/music style is influenced by guitarists such as: Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. Later on his career, he expanded his realm into that of Jazz improvisation at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Iain is a good guitarist… a Stratocaster fan… that’s obvious as well… he has released 3 albums till now: “Fallen Angel” (1999), “The Holy Grail” (2005) and “Nomad” (2008). “Vintage Love – The Best” is a compilation of songs form the aforementioned albums, so we have 14 songs from his previous albums plus the previously unreleased “Red Head Rampage”, in which Carsten “Lizard” Schulz is singing. On the three studio albums, he co-operated with great vocalists like: Graham Bonnet, Dante Marchi, David “Swan” Montgomery, Carsten “Lizard” Schulz, Paul Shortino, Mike Stone, Doogie White. Quite impressive, do ya think?
As you have assumed, if you haven’t listened to the previous albums, the music style of the songs is “heavily” influenced by the “big rock/hard rock” bands that I mentioned before and especially Rainbow and Deep Purple. Most of the singers are close to this kind of music as well… not to mention that 2 of them have also been part of Rainbow.
Personally, I do not like “Best Of” albums… I prefer getting the studio ones and make my own personal compilations later… and not let a label or the musician(s) decide which the best songs, according to them, are. Nonetheless, this is a nice classic (hard) rockin’ album that sums up Iain’s work so far.