I Am Empire - Anchors

I Am Empire
Tooth & Nail Records
Coming back, after a widely acclaimed album and various successful live shows, to the studio so as to write a new album is fun but not always that easy for any band, I think. I Am Empire had two ways to follow. The one was to repeat the same recipe of their previous successful work and give their fans one of the same and the other was to evolve, try out new things and go further.
Luckily, they chose the second path and that’s not very weird for they are young and now it’s their time to go on and not get stuck in a certain place repeating themselves. Surely, some of their “old fans” will nag about that but then again what can a band do so as to leave everyone happy at long last?!
The band has “lightened” its sound a tad and has become more melodic by giving space to memorable vocal lines and generally to catchy melodies. Their sound has become more of a wonderful mix of alternative rock and pop-rock with a modern wrapper. The album was produced by Brian McTernan (Thrice, Circa Survive, Senses Fail and Hot Water Music) and it’s ideal.
“Anchors” is a very emotive yet rockin’ work. You can feel it in every song. There’s an “uplifting & positive” vibe throughout the album. A few songs could turn out to be radio hits as well such as “Gravity Bomb”, “All Around Me Now” & my beloved “Sing”. I think the album could have a couple of extra songs so to last more than 35 minutes overall, but if this was the band’s choice in order to keep it more cohesive and solid then that’s fine by me. It’s obvious that I Am Empire are making an opening to a bigger audience with this album. I can’t see why they should be blamed for this. They have matured and they go forward. “Anchors” is a notable alternative rock album that will please the fans of the genre.