Fateful Finality - Battery

Fateful Finality Battery cover
Fateful Finality
Fateful Finality is a band from the south of Germany that has been going on for some seven years after winning some “battle of the bands” contest at Wacken and being able to strut their stuff there. They are fairly capable at coming up with a modernized thrash metal hybrid, that sounds generic as it sounds extreme.
While, they seem and sound fairly tight, the issue is, that they either have to copy styles – if you notice, closely, the opener “Possession” has a vocal melody/hook, that’s totally similar to Slayer’s “Dead Skin Mask”, to the point of being able to sing over it. They mix older thrash forms, claiming influences from bands like Exodus and Testament and there surely are some with nu-er bands like Trivium and Lamb of God and maybe the more extremist moments of Machine Head.
While the amalgam, sounds potentially interesting, apart from the occasional lead, (which in most cases, comes a little bit as an unexpected surprise and sticks out a bit like a sore thumb) and a couple of vocal melody lines, that seem to be original, fail to either to match the “Groove” of the newer bands, or the “Cool” of the older. From somewhere in the middle of the album and triumvirating towards the end there are even some more hardcore influences, that are completely made evident on songs like “Under Pressure” and “Suck Me Dry” that have this nu-punk sort of flavor. Decent band, but nothing I would bang my head to.