Fallbrawl - Chaos Reigns

Fallbrawl Chaos Reigns cover
Chaos Reigns
Having been around for almost a decade, these German brutal hardcorers are back with their third full-length album, titled “Chaos Reigns”. Indeed, this album is like a brutal chaos which will blurt out of your speakers as soon as you push ‘play’.
I wasn’t aware of the band’s previous albums, as I’m not a fan of the specific genre but that kind of style cannot only be tagged as “hardcore”. It’s death metallic hardcore. Now that I’m thinking of it, it probably is more modern death metal with various kinds of ‘core’ shit… deathcore, hardcore & metalcore. It is brutal enough to make your neighbors call the cops in case you play it too loud and quite extreme to make the little girl near your home wake-up screaming & crying! These f@ckers do not joke at all. The album’s production is contemporary and extra powerful!
If you’re an extreme music fan and you like your hardcore to be metallic with death metal features and extra brutality, then Fallbrawl are ready to give you a kick in the nuts with “Chaos Reigns”. Try it out at your own discretion and do not forget to kindly “surprise” your neighbors, the next time they piss you off…