Dark Station - Down in the Dark

Dark Station Down in the Dark cover
Dark Station
Down in the Dark
Dark Station is a band that transitions from heavy riffs to haunting melodies that send chills up your spine. The release of the debut album “Down in the Dark” is going to is going to haunt you, and shake your very soul.
The subtlety of the storytelling also allows the band complete freedom musically, as they hold fast to their catchy amalgamation of rock and metal. Guitarists Kyle Ort and David Bruno lay down some great riffs. Nathan Spades’ performances soar. From the melodically demanding “Heroes” to the freewheeling rocker “Visions”, Spades steals the show, showcasing his knack for deceptive hooks that lodge themselves in your head. Meanwhile, drummer Dylan Roy and bassist Eric Sinful provide an unwavering rhythm section, pocketed to perfection for the duration of the album.
“Ryse” is a seven string, bash-your-head-in starter for the album. With the build up from the intro to the anthem like chorus, this song rides like a rollercoaster. “Heroes” didn’t take long for their initial single to attract a new swarm of metalheads to Dark Station’s cause. The video that accompanies the release has a creepy horror flick vibe that they describe as a combination of A Perfect Circle’s “Judith” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”. If this is what is to come out of the guys from DS, we’ll definitely be hungry for more.
Now looking into other tracks such as “No Life” and “Hollow, they offer a darker, clean intro. Of course, the songs progress into a heavy cascade towards the chorus, which we would expect from DS.
Musically, “Down in the Dark” is a true delight. When it comes to compositional variety, the album is a nonstop rush of surprises. Each of the 11 songs contains fascinating structure, the instrumentation unfurling and exploding into various blends of serenity and wild energy.