Bullet - Storm of Blades

Bullet Storm of Blades cover
Storm of Blades
Nuclear Blast
Bullet are back with a new album number five about two years after “Full Pull”. In any other case a copy-paste of the previous album review would have been ok to describe the new album but out of a sudden they decided to step further and add lots of classic metal & NWOBHM elements to their music. That means that AC/DC has been mixed more with Accept (especially – UDO era of course), Judas Priest & Krokus but on top of all these, put several NWOBHM features and you get the whole picture.
I think the band’s hard rock & roll that’s been mixed up with hard & heavy stuff is way better than the AC/DC cloning thing of the past. Dag can still be considered as a Brian Johnson, Marc Storace and UDO “bastard” and his voice fits this kind of music, even if it’s a love or hate thing at the end of the day. The production is f@ckin punchy and powerful. Great in a word.
I’ve never been a fan of this band and I’ve been rather critical of them in the past, but I think they finally found their way after 4 albums. I mean let’s face it, this album, without being anything special, is way better than all of their back-catalogue. More up-tempo, dirtier and more metallic. I guess being a clone stops been enough after some point… so they did the right thing and by reconsidering their roots/values they renewed their musical identity. “Storm of Blades” is fun, in the actual meaning of the word…