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Borrowed Time
Borrowed Time
High Roller Records
Borrowed Time is a new metal band formed in Detroit, Michigan in 2010. So far they have issued a compilation of demos as well as a split 7” on HRR and they did play at last year’s KIT festival.
They seem to be in favor of a form of classical metal, which should normally be good news and for the most part is not bad, as their guitarist come up with pretty decent riffs and solos, but the issue would be primarily focused on their singer J. Priest (seriously?!). The guy is somewhat range challenged and he actually tries to hit some pretty high notes, resolving in weak falsettos that sound rather unconvincing or worse wet, off key. Sometimes it’s not too bad, but on certain occasions it can get a little much. A lot of our “favorite bands” might have not been “pitch perfect” but usually I was a fan of those bands that were. “Strong” tuneful singers always made their bands, excel!
“Wallow in the Mire”, “Dawn for the glory Rider” or “Of Nymph and Nihil” are some of the better songs on the album and fans of bands like Omen, Manilla Road and the like should probably enjoy the album, but are advised to listen to it previously, so as to decide whether they like the vocals or they find them as much a detrimental factor that would keep them from enjoying the album as in the case of your humble reviewer.