Athel - Open Your Eyes To Society

Open Your Eyes To Society
Mortal Music
In a music industry chock-full of bands, both new and old ones, only some are meant to thrive and eventually make a difference. Athel are: vocalist and guitarist Justin King, bassist Comron Fouladi, and drummer Christian Navarro from Crown Point Indiana. They are fresh blood in the rock/metal scene and “Open Your Eyes To Society” is an album to get the better of already established modern/alternative/punk rock groups.
With cracking guitars embracing rhythmic bass melodies and explosive drums surrounding Justin’s nice voice only a smattering of people would actually question this album’s quality. What unavoidably struck me the most though, was the adroit solos Justin delivered; something quite uncommon - and rather surprising - in this specific music style that usually lacks such practice. Well done lads!
Particularly enjoyable songs are: “Radio” a very memorable tune - a really ear-catching beginning indeed, “These Are the Times” a rockin’ tune, “Paranormal Abstract of Everyday Living” a lush composition, “Their Shoes” and “Oceans” two tuneful songs, “Heavy Things” a bit more modern and “Keep Me Awake” a bonus track yet equally pleasant as the others. So, if you are into rock music with a modern flavor and bits of punk & alternative elements… try Athel next time you are between them or another, possibly more familiar to you, band.