Ashes of Chaos - Eye

Ashes of Chaos
Logic(il)Logic Records
Ashes of Chaos is a newcomer formed in Italy, 2008. After a while, the guys started working on their own material in a try to blend the elements of their favorite bands together. Just to give you a hint, Ashes of Chaos claim to be influenced by: Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Mastodon, Dream Theater, Tool & Symphony X among others. I’ll go along with that but I’ll add that they also have several extreme, funk, jazz & classical features on their music as well.
The band is trying to achieve something rather “weird & ambitious” at the same time. The good harmonies here and there are mostly ruined by the “extreme” vocals and the extreme parts. It’s like they do not blend so harmonically together in due course. I really do not know why they need to have “extreme vocals & themes” for when they decide to have a more melodic & mellow approach they do sound much better. The same goes for their long (around 10 minutes) tracks which lose orientation eventually. I prefer the shorter songs of the album more. The lyrical concept deals with the collision of a meteor to earth. The production is tight, clear and full in general. Not very compressed or polished as most productions are today.
Even though they do not present anything new, they do what they do with passion and devotion. I think they can come up with something far more interesting in the future, if they take care of those minor things that hold ‘em back. “Eye” is a decent prog metal album as a whole…