Arca Hadian - The Prophecy

Arca Hadian The Prophecy cover
Arca Hadian
The Prophecy
Underground Symphony Records
I remember that some 10 years ago or so – while still in university, I did encounter Odyssea’s sole album in which, the young Italians made quite a statement,with their interesting breed of lyrical power metal. They haven’t done anything since, but allegedly remain active, while their singer Carlo Faraci – who seems to have left their ranks to be replaced by R. Tiranti, reappears now with Arca Hadian and their debut “The Prophesy”.
While the premise of this band isn’t all that different and thankfully they keep their distance from the rather “stale” subgenre of epic/fanstasy metal, the overall result seems to be unable to elevate above mediocrity. While the compositions are all rather decent, they seem to lack the hook that would make them truly memorable. Also for all the ten years past since his debut Carlo seems to have not been able to kick some traces of heavy accent, most apparent when he sings lower.
While Acra Hadian’s album is fair and certain people might like it a bit more, if they are particularly fans of the Italian scene, the “masterpiece” claims are simply unrealistic. If you liked Eldritch, before they funked up things, Masterplan etc., give these guys debut a spin, but don’t expect to have your mind blown.